Sweden wins Olympic gold!

Yesterday, Wednesday 10 October, the Swedish Culinary Team struck gold at the 2012 Culinary Olympics in Germany.
Krister Dahl, captain of the Swedish Culinary Team and our Executive Chef, is one very happy and satisfied captain.
“This is absolutely fantastic,” he says. “I’m incredibly relieved and proud!”

It was announced at lunchtime yesterday: the Swedish Culinary Team had won gold at the 2012 Culinary Olympics in Germany.
In doing so, Sweden also became the first nation ever to score full marks in every assessment category. The lead over second place – Norway – was 6,96 points: a resounding victory in this context.
“I’m incredibly relieved and proud of the team and what we’ve achieved,” says Krister over a crackling telephone line from Erfurt in Germany. “At the same time, there’s also a real sense of emptiness.
“Emptiness, because I’ve got to know the team over a long period of time. We’ve trained together, and we’ve shared the same goals. We’ve grown extremely close, and now – now, it’s all over. Joy and emptiness, all rolled into one.”

In the last Culinary Olympics, in 2008, you won bronze. This time you won gold. Why?

“Since the last Culinary Olympics, we’ve really focused on this year’s competition and we set the bar high. The team has trained together with increasing intensity during the last few years, refining our competition dishes.
“This has been a fantastic team to work with. We motivate each other and give each other feedback, and everyone has pushed hard to reach our goal: Olympic gold. Which we’ve now achieved. It’s an incredible feeling.”

The junior national team also won a gold medal at the competition in Germany.

A big “Congratulations!” from us here at Gothia Towers to all today’s gold medallists!

The eleven-strong Swedish Culinary Team consists of:
Viktor Westerlind (Chef), Jesper Bogren (Chef) , Mattias Ljungberg (Pastry Chef), Patrik Fredriksson (Pastry Chef), Daniel Roos (Pastry Chef), Johan Sandelin (Pastry Chef), Tom Sjöstedt (Chef), Klas Lindberg (Chef), Fredrik Hedlund (Chef), Fredrik Björlin (Chef & Coach) samt Krister Dahl (Captain).

Lena Johansson, Gothia Towers